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Bali Retreat 2020 (coming soon)

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Intelligence in Motion, The Paradigm Shift

My name is Carlos Tao. This is our passion. Exploring and evolving the way we move and think and understand our world and ourselves. Reverse engineering movement, intelligence and play. Teaching movement in a dynamic way that focuses on healthy functional integrated movements that unfold into incredible expressions, focusing on working with the intelligence in the body, not against it.

We research and develop skills, engagements movements and play that untie old movement and posture patterns and reconnect the body wide relationships that make moving a symphony, not a collection of mechanical parts.

thereโ€™s a mind bending intelligence in how we move, in the way the body and mind develop and how much movement plays in our evolution, in the way we are and think and understand. how do we get back to it?

  • Then why doesnโ€™t it feel that way all the time?

  • How do we explore and unravel and understand this intelligence?

  • And what will it mean if we do?

  • What would that look like?

  • What would it feel like?


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Teacher Training 2020

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We travel internationally teaching workshops and teacher trainings as well as creating special events. We are also constantly uploading video classes, tutorials and movement and play inspirations to help you begin to explore!


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