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Intelligence in Movement/Spatial Medicine

There’s a mind bending intelligence in how we move, in the way the body and mind develop and how much movement plays in our evolution, in the way we are and think and understand. how do we get back to it?

  • Then why doesn’t it feel that way all the time?

  • How do we explore and unravel and understand this intelligence?

  • And what will it mean if we do?

  • What would that look like?

  • What would it feel like?

    We research and develop skills, engagements movements and play that unties old movement and posture patterns and reconnect the body wide relationships that make moving a symphony, not a collection of mechanical parts.

why do we move the way we do?

*We move the way we do because we’ve done and been through and gotten through the things that we’ve gotten through. Who we are, what we’ve experienced, lifestyle, injuries, traumas, preferences, work, all play into how we move and stand and exist in space and even how we think. So basically everything that we do and have done. This is a pretty amazing concept and an incredible intelligence. We can and do adapt to make the things we do all the time more efficient (more on how this works later!).

As genius as this, if we don’t understand and unravel the patterns that don’t serve us, they can cause compensations, breakdowns and restrictions in movement, lack of mobility and strength, as well as in the way we feel and think and perceive.

how do we explore it?

*the first step is really experiencing it, feeling it in your own body, understanding that just being you in your body is pretty freaking awesome. Now regardless of the restrictions or whatever a body has been through, that intelligence is ALWAYS there and can ALWAYS be experienced. Here are a few ways to start to feel what’s there.

Its that taste of how cool it is to move and what one is capable of that begins the rest. Its a way to rebuild and remember the craving to understand and play, the curiousity to question constantly.

what would it look and feel like?

*Kinesthetic intelligence, freedom in movement and a bouyancy and bounce in how we move. This is less about how to recreate or imitate a specific movement or task or practice, but the development of an understanding of how to engage and move within any practice, within any movement or moment.


What we do and why

There is a paradigm shift in the way we view the body and mind in movement as a whole. It is an interconnected relationship that is constantly shifting and communicating. Not a collection of parts that ever truly work or move independently.

While restrictions and long held compensations can muddy or prevent this communication, the restrictions and compensations can be unraveled.

After the restrictions are unraveled, the connections to the most integrated movement patterns that we as humans have our priority can be rebuilt. The most basic of these patterns is our gait, the way we walk and run. And it is this blue print, along with how we grow, how we’ve evolved and how our lives and experiences and thoughts and emotions shape us, is what drives and informs our research and develop the system and process we share and teach.

the important stuff

  • Proprioceptive awareness of patterns

  • Making it fun and engaging

  • Cultivating curiosity

  • Empowering the individual

  • Direct experience over any dogma

  • An EVOLVING system

  • A way of skillfully traveling and exploring, not a final destination

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Body work (teaching self tuning and offering body work)