The Genius of You 


Carlos’s style of movement and yoga is strong, intelligent, playful, freeing and full of heart. His movements and sequences embody an evolution in understanding, an in-depth alignment, intuitive cues and a constant reminder of the genius, power and beauty inherent in every body in every moment, delivered with clarity, authentic passion, real and raw language and story telling.

i wake up superheros. 


Carlos Tao
I love to move and play, being upside down, on my hands, jumping around or close to the ground. This is my play, a vehicle, a way to connect and discover who we are.  When we really see this, everything we do, even the way we breathe and move, becomes an expression of our deepest art.  You were born for this.  In the moments where you know this, everything becomes art, dance, play.  Your highest is just that, to be what the hell YOU are as fully and as raw real and authentically as you can.  But that is a freakin magical thing. The most magical thing.

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