Yoga, the heart of the original explorers, and the evolution of understanding and FLUIDUS

  • FLUIDUS method

  • Fluidus is the name of the Yoga Movement and Teacher Training branch of what we do and the name that is registered with Yoga Alliance. created by Jason Lawner and Carlos tao, Our standards and the level of anatomy, physiology, understanding, practicality, real world skill, history and philosophy that we teach, goes far beyond the requirements of Yoga Alliance and any other yoga training that we know of. We modify and evolve the practice based on the intelligence, understanding, philosophy and heart of Intelligence in Motion method. We teach a healthy, functional and practical approach to yoga that not only allows but embraces challenge and critical thinking and is looking to show real freedom in thought and movement and empower people to think for themselves and in their own authority. We are not looking to create good little imitators or followers. We wake up superheroes.

what is it that is valuable now

discernment and judgement are good things, trusting yourself as the authority of your decisions is also. you decide what you believe. you get to experiment and figure it out. there’s no one else that can do that for you…. what now :)


who is the ultimate authority of what is true

are ancient minds somehow wiser than the minds we have

if they got some details wrong, what does that mean


Looking critically at yoga as a movement system, what works, what is problematic, what does not work

there was definitely a genius in those that first started to explore and develop systems of movement like yoga. what they were able to discover with the tools and understanding they had available was amazing. but while they were amazing observers with amazing minds, their understanding was limited. we can stand on their shoulders, build off of what they observed and evolve the intelligence of the systems they began, or else they become obsolete. so what is it that works? what doesn’t?


what was the intent of the practices

what were the practices based on

does the understanding of the body they had match up to what we know now


looking critically at modern yogic thought, the guru model, and blind acceptance

any system that asks you to turn off your critical thinking should be questioned mercilessly. blind acceptance is ridiculous, whether it be to a practice to a culture a country a religion or a guru. in fact any system should have a self destruct built in. if they are looking for followers, run.


what was the beginning

what was the goal

does it stand the test of time, the test of critical thought.


History and tradition and evolution of yoga

from ancient to modern